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wellness vybz know you're not the only one.

Deprogramming, unlearning, continuous deaths + rebirths, relationships changing, long held beliefs shattered, the awakening journey can be a lonely one at times.

wellness vybz, support group, spiritual, cindy chau lmft
wellness vybz, support group, spiritual, cindy chau lmft


wellness vybz, support group, spiritual, cindy chau lmft


Group support offers a sense that members are not alone, that others share similar experiences and beliefs. The famous psychiatrist Dr. Irvin David Yalom, calls this the principle of universality.


Peer groups offers the opportunity to both receive support from others and to give support. Receiving support from others is part of building trust & safety. Giving support allows for growth and learning.

Peer support groups allows members to develop self-awareness by listening to others with similar experiences. Sharing your experiences with others is medicine. To be witnessed is medicine.


Let's get back to basics...

Merging clinical experience of facilitating group therapy and history of assisting those on the spiritual journey, this container serve as community care.

There is a curious "in between" stage during the ascension journey where old versions have died, but you're not quite seeing what's next- the rebirth. You're sitting with the grief, the restructuring- still building and seeing what is all means.

There can be feelings of isolation, confusion and disconnection as well from all this. 


Hence, this container - to help people on their soul's journey feel seen & connected with others on similar paths.

This offering is for the pause, ground reconnect.

This is space holding, reflective listening, normalization, invitation to process out loud, take up space and share SAFELY and freely about the constant shifts in the ascension journey.

Rock Balancing

According to MayoClinic- some benefits of support groups are: 

  • Feeling less lonely, isolated or judged

  • Reducing distress, depression, anxiety or fatigue

  • Talking openly and honestly about your feelings

  • Improving skills to cope with challenges

With10 years in the clinical field, rest assure that boundaries, structure, ethics and an evironment of safety will be fostered.

Support groups can offer an outlet to share experiences with a level of anonymity and privacy. Due to the nature of groups, an environment is created to foster vulnerable shares that one might otherwise feel uncomfortable to share.

Support groups can be great supplementary care, in conjunction with any 1:1 sessions with coaches/ therapists and healing arts practitioners. 


Zoom link will be immediately provided after submitting payment below.


No more than 12 people in a group at a time. The link below will stop accepting payments afer 12 people have enrolled. I reserve the right to cancel group and fully refund payments if there are less than 3 participant enrolled.

It is your responsibility to inform me if you are unable to attend. Refunds can be offered up to 24 hours before start day + time. Afterwards, you may not be refunded. In cases of unexpected life events that prevent you from attendance, you may use your payment for the next group session. Otherwise, you forfeit your payment if you do not notify me 24 hours before start day + time, that you will be absent from group.


Let's hold space for one another.
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wellness vybz

PLEASE NOTE: This is not group therapy. This is a peer support group for the purpose of socialization, community gathering and discussion of various life topics. We are not treating any diagnosis, initiating any treatment, or assessment. 

This is not group therapy

I am not diagnosing, there is treatment plan/ intention to facilitiate specific outcomes, there is no formal assessment... this is people gathering to share their experiences to feel supported.

Not Zoom recorded

This is virtual and meetings will not be recorded. This is an open group, where every month, all are invited to join without commitment to a longer journey. Every month is a new group, vs building upon previous sessions.

no messaging support

This offering is contained to just the once monthly support group meetings. There is no prior, interim, or post 1:1 work with myself. This is not a group program, there is no curriculum. 

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