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Blurry Gradient

Cindy Chau



  • 2012 Began clinical experience for licensure as a psychotherapist, working with adults struggling with Anxiety, Depression, Substance Abuse and Trauma

  • 2017 Started own private practice offering psychotherapy

  • 2018 Registered Wellness Vybz as an LLC, created business of offering Mental Health Crisis Interventions to Art & Music Festivals

    • Served SD Youtopia (Burningman) (brought a team of licensed psychotherapists to serve a peer support tent, providing triage with medical and security teams.

    • Spoke on a panel at Twitchcon about mental wellness in the streaming community

  • 2019 Registered Wellness Vybz as S-Corp

    • Served LA Burningman Bequinox

      • 2019 Served Wasteland Festival​

      • 2019 Served SD Youtopia

      • Spoke on panel at DreamHack convention

    • Mediumship + channeling abilities fully realized

  • 2020- transitioned to fully remote business

    • Created successful "Shift and Transcend" Group Program 

    • Full time offerings of spiritual based services

  • 2021- Mastermind, Group programs and 1:1 Mentorships!

  • 2022 + private practice

  • Vietnamese, Chinese American

  • 10 years in the mental health clinical field

  • Long Beach born and raised, with a dash of San Francisco

  • Certified Reiki Master

  • Light language channeler

  • Medium

  • Trance lucid channeler

  • Spiritual bridge between the metaphysical and earthly experiences


    Decolonized- value ancestral veneration and ancient wisdom




    Previous settings served: community behavioral health clinics, private group practice, special events (festivals), outpatient mental health clinic


  • Previous demographic served: dual diagnosed adults, foster care families, Veterans, unhoused adults, teenagers in home and school settings, Gen Z- X


  • Specialties: trauma, anxiety, depression, anger, racial identity deepening, substance abuse, low self-worth, spiritual development and relationship struggles.


  • LMFT #100820

About Me: About Me
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