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crystal bloom, cindy chau

Are you ready to deepen your self healing?

Beyond Symptom Management

  • You're ready to go beyond coping skills and self care.

  • You're ready to recognize blind spots and go through emotional discomfort for deeper clarity and breakthroughs.

  • You're interested in-

    • exploring trauma healing,

    • breaking unhealthy patterns,

    • unlearning harmful programming,

    • becoming your most authentic self,

    • releasing past painful experiences and relationships,

    • better adapt to distressing times,

    • showing up better for those you love,

    • overcoming mental + emotional blocks,

    • healing generational trauma,

    • learning how to be less reactive,

    • feeling more trust and security in yourself,

    • exploring shadow work, 

    • loving yourself more,

    • learning how to set boundaries and people please less

You want to Grow on a Soul Level, not just learn new behaviors...

cindy chau

What you can expect:

  • Integrative, holistic modalities

  • Techniques can include breathwork, somatic exercises, meditation/ visualization, EFT, Reiki

My approach: client centered, process oriented, depth, energy and transpersonal psychology

My focus: addressing trauma history, deepening self awareness, overcoming emotional + mental blocks, and embodiment of one's highest truths.

Note: I am partnered with Headway to manage insurances and billing. You can book through my profile on Headway.

Read more about my clinical and professional history here

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