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Wellness Vybz

Wellness Vybz

It's time to break through core blockages and start tapping into your magic.

Work with me if you’re ready to get uncomfortable, clear through ancestral trauma, get to the root of limitations, and make radical changes. This path is for the courageous, willing and committed.

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Not accepting new clients at this time

All paths are offered with a psychotherapy informed, trauma informed & decolonized framework. Each path incorporates an integrative approach- combining metaphysical and clinical knowledge.

Not accepting new clients

(Gain insight from clinical + spiritual lens' to help you overcome emotional, mental and spiritual blockages)

Mentorship Program
Not accepting new clients


Intensive 1:1 mentorship for ancestral healing, connecting with your Spirit Guides and coming home to your truest self)


Blessings from Clients

Getting the chance to work with Cindy has been such a blessing and has completely transformed my mindset. Being able to connect with her in my home in my most vulnerable state gave me the clarity and vision I was searching for. She has a gift for digging deep to the root cause and helping to pinpoint the things you really need to see in the moments you need to see them. No matter what you believe in, know that this girl is such a serious force of wisdom and healing that it’s impossible to not have a breakthrough when working with her.

A. L.

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