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Wellness Vybz

What to Expect: 

Allowing your Spirit Guides to support your Journey.

Surrender Sessions will always combine any of the following- depending on the flow and energy of the session:

Channeling + Mediumship

Akashic Records

Integrative Psychology

Guided Journeying/ Meditation

Breathwork/ Somatic Techniques

Light Language/ Energy Activations

Working with me is trusting that your Spirit Guides will guide YOU + I appropriately. 


I use my clair-senses, psychic impressions, yours and mine spirit team to offer guidance and interventions, specific to shared intentions. My services typically resonates with people who identify as lightworkers, change makers, entrepreneurs, empaths, healers, intuitives, or just spiritually connected. 

Common themes explored in working with me are:

  • Transmuting limiting beliefs and behaviors

  • Ancestral and transgenerational healing

  • How to deepen one’s intuitive abilities

  • Uncovering old paradigms to be unlearned and deprogrammed

  • Healing through all time, space, dimensions and realities

  • Releasing anger, resentment, blocks from trauma

  • Shadow work integration

  • Common awakening symptoms

  • Working with Spirits, how to Channel and 'Tap in'

  • Timeline Jumping

Note: The "Spiritual community" is saturated with practices that belong to BIPOC and it is important to acknowledge any appropriation from healers using modalities that ancestrally do not belong to them. Choose your spiritual mentors carefully. 

-Here's a Quick Modalities Run Down-

Any of these Modalities can be used in Surrender Sessions.

Wellness Vybz

Channeling| Mediumship

Inviting you to directly speak to your Spirit Allies and passed over loved ones through me. Spirit Allies could be Ascended Masters, Star families, ancestors, etc.


Light Language

Transmissions through vocal tones, frequencies, vibrations and hand gestures- typically channeled from light beings. Light Language can be used for activations and clearings.


Akashic Records

Explore your soul's blueprint & gain wisdom from this sacred space. The Akashic Records store the entirety of your soul's journey since your soul's separation from Source.


Clairsentience & More

Receive clarity and answers from a place of intuition and 'unseen' knowing. I'll tune into your energy, access my intuitive abilities, and offer you guidance.


Energy Healing

Certified Reiki Master, used to help create flow throughout energy centers and clear stuck emotions.


Psychotherapy Informed

Educational and occupational experience of psychotherapy with focus on trauma, mood disorders and addiction.


Cindy Chau, Wellness Vybz, Reiki, Energy Healing

Intuitive Reiki + Energy Healing

In addition to my channeling, a big component of my offerings involve energetic healing and activations,


With this modality, no touching in involved as I guide you into a relaxation meditation to receive the Reiki and energy healing. I will scan over your energetic body to assess where there may be some old, stagnant energy to be cleared. I use breath, crystals, sound and Spirit to perform Reiki. Reiki is a good compliment to other healing modalities you're currently engaging with. ​

This process involves strengthening your aura, balancing your chakras, clearing low vibrations gaining insight on how to promote energy balance in between sessions, as well as energetic activations that support your intentions. It is within my experience that people also open themselves up to visions, memories, visits from Spirit guides and insights not known before, during the session. It is important to not attach to any one experience during the session, and keep an open mind. 

During Reiki/ energy healing- you may feel parts of your body heat up, or "vibrate." You may feel different sensations, reflecting how energy is being moved during the session. After an energy healing session, various symptoms can occur depending on the person, ranging from pleasant to uncomfortable. Some temporary effects could be feeling emotional, lightheaded, sensitive, physical soreness, and having more "light bulb moments" come to the surface. Common effects however are feelings of deep relaxation, clarity, groundedness and relief. In some cases, some people may not feel any symptoms at all, during and after sessions. 


Remote energy healing has no difference in impact if we were to meet in person, as energy is limitless and physical location is not a barrier. in addition, a natural side effect of performing Reiki/ energy healing is me gaining communication from your Spirit team, which I will relay to you at the end of the energy healing.

Spiritual Coaching: Services
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