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Faint Glow
Faint Glow

This could be what you've been calling in!!!

• 4 months
• weekly- biweekly, depending on your flow
• 1 hour 1:1 sessions

Faint Glow
wellness vybz

Can You Relate?

-Intuitively know you have some shadow work to do and ready to heal on deeper, multidimensional levels. This means you're ready to face the discomfort, cleanse, clear, and bring alllllll the things to the light.
-You are an empathic, intuitive soul that is ready to tap into your unique magic (harness it, learn how to cultivate and grow your spiritual abilities and TRUST in your magic) and APPLY them to your everyday life.

wellness vybz, cindy chau

In a nutshell...

-I will be working with you and your Spirit team to create a personalized course of Alignment.

-The 4 months will include a combination of ALL my modalities, depending on your goals.

-There will be "Divine Assignments" each week as guided by your Spirit team.

-Accountability checks in between sessions.

-I will guide from a trauma informed, psychotherapy informed, decolonized, framework



Guided meditation/ visualization
Light Language activation
*Energy medicine (from dragons, Angels, multidimensional beings)
*Akashic Records
Multimedimensional traveling to heal different timelines
Ancestral reverence
*Intuitive guidance (guidance using my clairvoyance and claircognizance)

We're a fit if you...

-Want to learn from a WOC who loves her ancestry & blood line, respects the traditions, rituals and cultures that spiritual practices derive from, and is very aware of the misappropriation and misuse of Spiritual practices in the mainstream
-Want to learn from someone who has clinical AND spiritual knowledge
-Want to learn from someone who is culturally mindful of systemic influences and social programming on one's behaviors/ thoughts
-Want to connect with your ancestors and HEAL them too!!!
-Want to learn from someone who has EMBODIED Spirit and not just talk about it
-Want to learn from someone who is continuously doing the work to help others, do the work (NO bypassing here)


-Help you seed, manifest and and feel WORTHY of the goals you personally set for yourself.
-Help you identify and transmute core wounds (alchemy)
-Help you tap into your magic
-Help you align you to your Highest Truth at this present timeline
-Help you connect you back to BEING- being in joy, being in love with life and yourself... simply BEING.
-Help you connect and align you to your Soul's true purpose, its true unique nature (beyond the resume)


I'm liking it so far, what's the investment?!?!



Self - Investment

  • $5 - 7.5k 

  • 4 months

  • Spirit guided- meaning we can meet weekly, or biweekly- depending on the flow

How I "Price"

  • I am SPIRIT LED, especially in how I operate Wellness Vybz. Wellness Vybz is a SPIRIT LED business. Simply put, the price Spirit gives me, is the price I speak on. The rate is based on your goals, insight on where you are starting in your journey, the specific “work” that is to be done, and the level of growth you want to achieve. By June of 2021, all mentees were given rates personal to their journey. 

Refund Policy:

  • Full refund offered if requested 5 calendar days within start of agreement. (only for those paying in full)

  • No refunds offered for payment plans.

Refund and Payment Details

So you can make an informed decision...

▪︎(For those paying in full)- If this no longer feels aligned, you have 5 calendar days within the start date of agreement to have your payment FULLY REFUNDED and contract is terminated. 

▪︎(For those paying in full)- If you decide to terminate services AT ANY POINT IN TIME AFTER the initial 5 days FULL refund grace period, you will NOT receive full refund.

▪︎[[If payment plan]]- No refund partial or full offered. Services WILL NOT be continued unless you made your second installment.

▪︎[[If payment plan]]- An invoice will be sent 1 week before your 2nd installment as a payment reminder.

▪︎[[If payment plan]]- Late payments are subject to a one time $40 dollar late fee, that will invoiced to you via email.

▪︎Continued lack of 2nd payment installment, means you cannot financially sustain enrollment and the contract will be terminated. No added penalty fee.  

Ready to Connect with your Spirit Guides?

not currently accepting new clients (update 12/2022)


The Quick Play by Play

  • Receive an email with a quick questionnaire

  • Receive zoom link for our call after submitting questionnaire

  • Make a note that my consultations are essentially, free, Intuitively Guided Sessions. I use my intuitive senses & tune into your Spirit team, offering guidance  pertaining to your intentions.

  • With your Spirit Guide's help, we will map out what your journey will entail

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A lil love from beautiful souls...

Andrea, M.
Transformation Coach

...Cindy has only been extremely safe and supportive in not only the way she holds herself as a vessel for Spirit, the reverence she has for that practice/gift and also the accuracy with which she articulates the message. She truly works from what is aligned and true...

Stefy, G.
Reiki Master

She’s kind, she has a fresh and unique approach and she’s so relatable! Every time I work with her I feel like I’m having a coffee with a friend. She makes “doing the work” so easy (even the heavy and shadowy parts).

She has a true connection.

Kayzelyn M.

Multidimensional Coach

Cindy has a way of sharing channeled knowledge that is so connected to those that it is meant to serve. She will pour from a place of unconditional love for the greatest and highest good of those she is meant to connect with. I highly recommend connecting with Cindy to get a dose of magic and alignment in your life.

Faint Glow

Are you ready to go deep? 

Are you ready to INVEST in your spiritual and overall wellbeing? 


Are you ready to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your own healing so that all the transferred baggage from those before us, ENDS WITH YOU? 


Are you done making excuses, blaming other people and situations to explain your behaviors? 


Are you ready to live fully and freely in your Truth???


Schedule your Free Connection Call below and let's get this Magic started!

What's Next? Be on the lookout for my email, where you will fill out a quick survey! Keep up to date with me on Instagram!

Limited openings

I am only guiding a handful of souls per cycle, and only offering these cycles as Spirit guided.


My spiritually based sessions should never be used in lieu of seeking professional mental health advice and formal diagnosis & treatment. Never disregard professional legal/ medical/ mental health advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have heard in a spirit based session. 

holy hell yes

This work has DEPTH. Only commit if you're really ready to deepen, face some shadow and grow. We'll be healing timelines, calling in Spirit... this isn't just for fun-sies.


Please reflect on your "money stories" and any abundance blocks when deciding on whether to self invest. Money is energy.  Will this exchange be worthy of your energy in time and money? I reserve my energy to journey along those who are COMMITTED for major shifts- not just receive intuitive readings. The price reflects that.

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