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For the tired, frustrated and uninspired who are ready to tap into their joy!

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october '22

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multidimensional approach to womens empowerment

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Shooting Star

Emotional wellness has taken a hit these past few years...

Have you been feeling:

  • disappointed & let down by self + others?

  • unmotivated & burned out?

  • stressed about the future?

  • stuck in a loop of repeating cycles?

  • frustrated with negative thoughts filling you with doubt?

  • having trouble with completing small + big tasks/ goals?

  • not feeling great emotionally + physically?

  • unable to implement coping skills?

  • engaging in low vibrational acitivities?

  • uninterested in things that used to make you happy?

  • generally bored and uninspired?




  • learn about the science of happiness and gain practical skills to boost your mood

  • immerse in community for structure and accountability

  • get clear on what joy means to you + know yourself more intimately

  • increase motivation and follow through with your goals + dreams 

  • make the bold moves you know you need to make but haven't due to fears

  • trust yourself more and stop giving into negative thoughts

  • prioritize you mental, emotional and physical health

  • say YES to yourself + your happiness first

  • start honoring your power and be CONFIDENT in it

  • give less f*cks 

Are you ready to...

Get excited for...

wellness vybz

Dynamic groups that engages physical movement, mindful practices and psychoeducation

wellness vybz

Increased motivation to follow through on goals and tackle your limiting beliefs

wellness vybz

Dynamic groups that engages physical movement, mindful practices and psychoeducation


Understanding of joy for ALL areas of life (physical wellness, relationships, career, etc).

wellness vybz

Dynamic groups that engages physical movement, mindful practices and psychoeducation


Community for support +  accountability (a proven influence on increased joy)


8 week

high touch group container for:


embodying joy




increased motivation


self empowerment


setting boudaries








growing through joy + happiness vs shadow work


What to expect:

weeky zoom gatherings (5 TOTAL)


Learn from clinical and spiritual modalities- making the lessons practical for everyday integration


weekly supportive assignments for reinforcing each topic




highly interactive, engaging groups




accountability checks


online private community for q&a, celebration forums, additional resources and peer support

Here's a breakdown of the 8 weeks


Modalities and Topics:

  • Bio-psycho-social-spiritual studies on women's empowerment

  • Somatic practices, movement, breathwork, EFT 

  • Mindset reprogramming, by accessing altered states of consciousness

  • Channeled activations and energy healing

  • Connecting to your Spirit team and feminine lineage

  • Opening up your channels to access higher dimensional wisdom

  • Trauma informed approach to ______

  • Manifestation techniques

  • Activations for embodying more positive perspectives

cindy chau lmft, cindy chau, wellness vybz

Not just another "healer"

  • Licensed psychotherapist, practicing in the clinical field since 2012

  • Spoken at Twitchcon 2018, Dreamhack 2019

  • Personally worked with high profile clients within the streaming world (Youtube and Twitch) about mental wellness

  • Started Wellness Vybz in 2018, to bring mental health crisis intervention to festivals- served SoCal Burningman festivals and Wasteland festival 

  • Pitched to RocNation, DoLab, Bonnaroo to bring more mental health crisis interventions to the mainstream

  • Started own independent private practice in 2017

  • Psychic AF (Certified Reiki Master, Channeler/ Medium, Akashic Reader, Light Language Activator) and helped many with healing transgenerational trauma and access their psychic abilities

  • Connects with the Spirit world to improve the earthly world

  • Created and facilitated successful group and coaching packages, leading to 5 digit months.

"Working with Cindy has proven to exceed all my expectations. Since working with her, I can say that my life has been upgraded in a sense that I have stepped into who I really am and am on a trajectory to keep getting to know myself on a deeper level. To name a few life shifts and improvements: a healthier, honest relationship my identity, a major decrease in anxiety, healthier relationships, a clear mindset, and genuine trust in myself and the universe." -N.C, former Mastermind member

"I'm learning to take up space and seeing you in your element, magik and flow makes me happy and comfortable to be in mine."

- Soulpreneur, holding sacred space for Plant Spirit

~Don't let another 2 years go by without feeling your very best!
~Are you ready for a change?
~Let's put YOU + your JOY first!


$888 (the fundamentals)

Paid in Full


$1111 [Paid in Full w/ ADD-ONs]

  • Add-ons include (2) 1:1 sessions + 1 long distance Reiki session w/ channeled messages

  • Partial refund for both offered if enrollment is cancelled by 4/19 12pm PST

    • $700 total refund for payments of $888 

    • $925 total refund for payments of $1111​

  • No refunds thereafter, no exceptions.
  • ​Payment required to enroll. 

  • Enrollment closes 4/14 10pm PST

  • May inquire about payment installments which can be split into 2 payments for a higher fee


mIGHTY networks

We will all connect via zoom and on 'Mighty Networks." This platform is for all messaging support, private channeled messages, meditations, feedback, etc. We can private message and group message in this platform.


holy hell yes

This work has DEPTH and is a fast paced 8 week intensive. You are responsible to do the work in between calls and keep connected to your community.



Live calls will always be on Saturdays @ 4pm PST (weekly calls with recordings uploaded to Mighty Networks)

If this has been exciting to explore, IT'S TIME TO COMMIT! Submit investment below and get ready for a joy-filled group program!!!

Invest and Receive

After submitting your investment above, be on the lookout for a 'Welcome Email' within a few days! Keep up to date with 'Joy - Flow' on Instagram!

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