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2pm pst-4:30/5pm

Deepen your Connection to the Spirit of Money. Learn how to have a loving relationship with Money Spirit and embody abundance mindset.

wellness vybz, cindy chau
wellness vybz
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stuart wilde, cindy chau, wellness vybz

Learn how to tap into the frequency of money

We will gather in the spirit of abundance to enter the field of Money Spirit.


This is no ordinary seminar. Come dressed feeling like a million bucks (you'll see why this is important), be ready to engage your physical senses, (we'll be moving our physical bodies), receive channeled messages and light codes to calibrate your energy towards more prosperity, and be ready to get vulnerable about Money matters

This isn't a finance course- this is an energy course. This is spiritual with some practical tips on how to align more with Money's frequency.


"Cindy unlocked the power in all of us and it was a joy to witness the transformation in myself as well as the group..."


"Cindy is so committed to your growth and will walk you step-by-step through everything... She is directly connected with all of your Spirit team and will provide you with all the messages to really catapult your growth."

"I’ve never worked with an intuitive/psychic ever before! But the way she presents her self and approaches her work with such respect and integrity made me open myself and trust her. "


Let me guide you...

Cindy Chau is a licensed psycho-spiritual therapist and intuitive healer who had 6 dollars left in her name in 2020, to 10-20k months in 2021. 

She has spent the last few years healing her money wounds that stemmed from shame, fears, unworthiness, ancestral trauma to unhealthy money relationships from past lives. The healing was multidimensional- which is necessary since money is ENERGY.

This year, she has experienced the most financial freedom in her life as evidenced by:

✨Doubling entire 2020 year's income in just 6 months
✨Paying off 15k of Credit Card debt
✨Multiple 10k + 20k months
✨5x group and mentorship prices and have sold out offerings
✨Doubled hourly rate (soon to be increased again to match increasing frequency)

✨3 international trips within 4 months
✨Only working 6 hours MAX / wk which includes time for the business strategy - not just client face to face time

Cindy will be channeling straight from Money Spirit to offer guidance as well as practical tips she's learned along the way to get into a loving, fun relationship with Money.

wellness vybz, cindy chau


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2- 4:30/ 5 PM PST

Zoom recording will be provided

no refunds

  • STEP 1: Fill out questionnaire below. 

  • STEP 2: Make a payment (non-refundable, as you'll be getting to course even if you can't attend live).

  • STEP 3: Wait for confirmation email that will have the homework and preparation instructions for our workshop

  • You must complete the homework before our meeting. It will prepare you for the frequency and field we'll be engaging with


Ready to get to the root of money wounds and connect directly to the field of abundance?!?!

Ready to be guided by your Spirit Guides and Ancestors to break the cycle of scarcity mindset?

Ready to open your energy and frequency to connect to the Spiritual of Money???

Did you submit the questionnaire?

Did you make a payment?


(you must complete BOTH to be officially enrolled)

What's Next? Be on the lookout for my "Welcome" email! Keep up to date with 'Money Spirit Mastery' on Instagram!

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